Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Geraldo's House

This weekend Gustavo and I prepared a nice barbecue at Geraldo's House.

"Geraldo's House" is an inside joke, that any Fonseca or aggregate will immediately recognize. Without going into too much detail, Geraldo is the caretaker of the house Gustavo and Regina bought in Rio last year, just before moving back to the states. Since then, the house has been little more than a storage container for their posessions (which will soon be shipped back to the US) and also a good job for Geraldo (who does an excellent job of taking care of the garden, but can't seem to get the hang of taking care of the pool).

The pictures from this Sunday are here.

The barbecue ... a traditional brazilian churrasco... and the company, was pleasant and enjoyable. For a change, I overestimated the amount of meat (by a factor of three). The kids, however, didn't mind the fact that lunch wasn't ready until about 3 pm, and took advantage of it in their usual style (running about, waging mock star wars battles, etc.). Luckily there were no major injuries, although, on the following day, we discovered an immense thorn that had completely perfurated Kevin's sandal (from Geraldo's rose bushes). We only noticed it after Kevin had been complaining for nearly half-an-hour that he wanted to take off his shoes, because "it hurts".

It's interesting how men always get the credit for outdoor barbecues; this seems to be a phenomenon that transcends cultures. We stand around the grill, turning meat, drinking beer and (in Brasil), constantly "sampling" the meat as it is prepared. The women, on the other hand, are usually slaving away in the kitchen preparing the "extras" (rice, salads, desserts, etc.). I'm not trying to minimize our contribution ... I personally rarely eat much of the extras anyway (beer and meat are enough!), but it just seems like the kind of thing women would pick up on and complain about!

This morning I'm "babysitting" Kevin while Cristina is at her class on Family Therapy. At the moment, I'm taking advantage of a few moments of peace while he snacks and watches Animal Alphabet. So far I'm averaging a blog entry every two days. I don't know how long I will be keep this up; or maybe I will increase the pace. It's hard to say. As an aspiring writer, I'm looking at this as kind of an exercise, to help get me in the habit of writing on a daily basis. Maybe I will start another blog to start publishing informally some stories I am writing ...

That's all for now... Kevin is calling me to play with his Thomas the Train collection!


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