Saturday, June 11, 2005

Juliana's Birthday

Last night was Juliana's (7th) birthday party ! (See the pictures here).

Gustavo & Regina arrived in Rio last week, where they'll be until the end of July. They've got their work cut out for them: selecting, boxing, and shipping the contents of their house in Rio back to Florida, as well as trying to sell the house.

The cousins were very happy to be reunited, and have been taking advantage of every possible moment together. Juliana's birthday, complete with Harry Potter decorations and a massive chocolate cake, was yet another opportunity to turn Vovo Celio and Clea's home inside out. Wrestling, pillow fights, running, jumping over furniture, hide-and-seek... even Kevin and Nicole got in on the action. With all of the brazilian-side cousins together for the first time in over a year, the excitement was palpable (and VERY audible!).

It all came to a rather abrupt end, however, when James went down over a pile of toys and his chin made precisely-aimed and bone-jarring contact with the corner of the marble coffee table that dominates the center of the living room. This table has a history: it's already been the protagonist of other injuries, including one of Kevin's famous head-crackings of last year. Unfortunately, that was long enough ago that we had stopped remembering to cover the table with a protective blanket whenever the kids start getting rowdy.

The next question was: stitches or no stitches? Although there wasn't alot of blood, the cut was clearly deep and wide enough to warrant them. After much debate, however, we decided to forgoe the late-night emergency-room experience (which we unfortunately have had more than enough of!) and I fashioned some crude, home-made butterfly bandages. It seems to have done the trick; in the worst case, he may be left with a barely visible scar on the underside of his chin, which he may have had anyway, even with stitches.

Things calmed down significantly after this excitement, and we moved on to the more important activities: like eating chocolate cake! (and brigadeiros too... sorry Kuka!) In her subtle way, Juliana seems to have enjoyed the party and her presents. Certainly, she is enjoying being together again with her cousins, as are they all.

I guess, just as we perceived during our visit to KC, where even the language barrier didn't interfere too much with the cousins enjoying each other's company, that "blood is thicker than water..."; meaning, more specifically, the great ocean (water) that separates our two continents!

Ok ... enough talking about blood for tonight ....


Or maybe just a little more...

I talked to Lori a couple of nights ago, after she returned from a trying stay in the hospital. The doctors apparently have found the culprit for at least some (?!?) of her afflictions: so she will be scheduling (or has already scheduled?) the removal of her gall bladder. Sounds like a barrel of fun.

I haven't had any news in the last couple of days, but I assume someone will tell me when anything important happens. Inthe meantime, we'll be praying for Lori.

I'm still waiting for some sign that anyone has actually seen this blog. I know that Sandy at least accessed the gallery, and Cleia did. I received an e-mail from Kim, and Gustavo actually posted a comment (consoling me that, even if no one cares now, it'll be cool to go back and read the blog 100 years from now!). So to the rest of you ... is there anybody out there?!?


At June 13, 2005 10:42 AM, Kuka said...

I am sorry I missed the brigadeiros! Friday night, when Mark and I were having dinner, we commented on all the good things we were missing at home ... not only the brigadeiros!!!! At least now I no longer have to wait months to see the pictures of the events in Rio!!!!! Great!!!!

At June 14, 2005 9:13 AM, Jim said...

Speaking of waiting ...

where are the pictures of you and Mark's fateful sailing trip???

At June 25, 2005 10:15 AM, Anonymous said...

Jim, aqui é Juliana, filha do Julio Moreira (primo da Cleia). O Celio me mandou o link para o blog, estou adorando!
Achei outro familiar que se preocupa em documentar eventos!
Estou começando a montar a árvore genealógica da família, depois mando o link.
Parabéns pelo blog, está muito bem feito e divertido!

At June 27, 2005 10:15 AM, Jim said...


Muito obrigado! Ficaria feliz se aqui vira mais um lugar de reunião e de troca de informações "familiares", mesmo se abrange diversos ramos da familia (e necessariamente, meus postos terão que ser em ingles!). Se voce tiver um site, me avisa, que eu coloco um link aqui (embora que nao deve aumentar muito seu trafico!).

A respeito do arvore genealógica: vc deve conversar com Sr. Celio, pois ele já traçou um grande parte das duas familias (tanto Fonseca quanto Almeida). De qq maneira, ele com certeza vai adorar discutir o assunto com voce!)
um grande abraço,


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