Friday, July 08, 2005

More Birthdays ...

Today's entry will be blessedly short ... I get the impression that many of you still haven't managed to wade through my "Sam" posts yet, so I'll try to be less wordy for a while!

Just an update on this weeks events around here (I mean "family" events, not current events):

Sunday: I took James and Bruno to see "Batman Begins"; really cool! Three Thumbs Up!

Wednesday: Ana's birthday... with a surprise. I won't go into it any detail, but those who know what I am talking about will see what I mean in the gallery.

Thursday: Bruno's birthday... no surprises, but the cheesecake Ana made, with Mom's recipe, was very well received! Pictures can be seen here.

It's COLD down here in Rio! The last couple of days has seen a tremendous shift in the weather, from dry, sunny and warm, to damn cold, overcast and rainy. I mean "Damn Cold", by a carioca's standards, by which I mean that it got down to around 10 deg C last night (50 deg F.). I've come down with a nasty cold, so all in all, it seems pretty miserable to me.

Now if I could get some more of that cheesecake ...


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