Monday, August 08, 2005

Pleasant Company

This Saturday afternoon marked another traditional Brazilian "churrasco" (barbecue), this time at Celio and Clea's (my in-laws) home; a pleasant afternoon with enjoyable company, good conversation, and lots of food. This particular event was special in that, besides the "regular" family (including Celinho, just arrived from Taiwan, and Gustavo, from Florida), we had the honor of receiving guests of a rarer caliber: Julio and Lucia, with their daughters Juliana (and her husband Marcos), and Mariana; and Luiz and Rita (aka "Uncle Lula" and "Aunt Rita") .

The "churrasco" could be seen as a farewell party, in that Regina and Gustavo's return trip to the states was the following evening, Sunday (last night). After nearly two months here, they will be missed, especially by the kids.

Julio is Clea's cousin, on her mother's side. Although I have had relatively infrequent contact with him and his family, my impression has been that they are, both individually and collectively (as a family unit) an elegant, intelligent, articulate, and extremely interesting bunch. Pleasant company indeed.

Lula and Rita are longtime friends of the family (Lula worked with Celio at Petrobras), but we haven't seen them as often recently. Lula is a real character ... a genuinely good-hearted intellectual but with a blunt manner and sense of humor that can be pretty pointed if you are on the receiving end. Rita is his alter-ego... always helpful, sweet and sincere. From adolescence through early-adulthood, it was often the advice that Rita had to offer that helped carry Cristina through some rough spots.

So without further delay, the pictures of our little family get-together can be seen here. Thanks to Juliana, who sent me a number of the pictures I posted!


Today represents one week of adaptation for Kevin at school: so far, it's been a resounding success. He is enthusiastic about it, and once he arrives, he seems to forget that Mom is even around. I hate to say too much, because tomorrow I will be taking him to school. Hope I don't screw up everything!

And finally, in keeping within tradition, a belated birthday announcement: my cousin Greg's birthday was August 6... which coincides with the atomic bombing of Hiroshima (just the date, not the year!). But that's just a coincidence (I think). Hope you had a Happy Birthday, Greg!


At August 11, 2005 5:20 PM, Anonymous said...

Thanks Jim -
It was a non-eventful day at home with the family (perfect in other words). Great pics...beautiful family!



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