Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Construction up close.

As promised, here's some more pictures of the house under construction in our yard. They are slightly outdated ... from last weekend, just after the concrete "laje" (roof) had been poured. The entire structure is basically a steel-reinforced concrete box... I suspect quite hurricane proof, if it wasn't for the windows. Today, the wooden part of the roof that the ceramic shingles will be positioned upon began to be put in place.

The kids, Kevin included (especially Kevin!), enjoyed climbing onto the roof to look around at the neighborhood. I had a couple of minor heart attacks running around after Kevin; but after things calmed down, I grabbed the camera and snapped some pictures.

See the pictures here!


Happy birthday today to my aunt Karen! (thanks to the Franklin family MyFamily update emails, I do manage to catch some birthdays I would otherwise probably miss!).


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