Thursday, October 19, 2006

Alive, on the beach.

Yes... I am alive!

And I present below, as proof, a sequence of images from last weekend, at the beach in Saquarema. For the skeptics (since there isn't actually a picture of *me* here), you can find a complete gallery update at

Or, go straight to the slideshow -- (look for the crazed gringo axe murderer on the beach!)

This entry marks the gallery inauguration of my new Nikon D-SLR camera. I think you can see a noticeable improvement compared to my phone cam!

I know -- it has been nearly six months, and I probably owe some kind of explanation for the sudden disappearance. Lest one think we have spent all of this time at the beach, however, let me just say that, unfortunately, trips to Saquarema have been far less frequent than my blog posts!

There has been a lot going on with us right now, and for the last few months -- and things have been pretty hectic (whose life isn't???). I'm contemplating some kind of more informative update for the near future. We are all very well, though. Rather than spend any more time trying to justify my lack of posting, however, I'll just post these pictures for now. Last weekend was a great "family" weekend ... with perfect beach weather for us (we barely got burned!).

Bye for now!